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Crystal plaza Towers

FSC (First Star Computer)

CAD solutions since 2004


Since 2004, FSC (First Star Computer) has provided the best CAD solutions in 2D & 3D CAD for engineering and architecture to all sectors of building constructions and MEP in the UAE and Gulf region.
In 2007, it signed an agreement with a CAD developer to be the exclusive distributor of CAD software; the agreement is still currently held.
FSC has expert engineers, who provide solutions and technical support to its clients and help to convey messages between developers and consumers. Furthermore, FSC has a professional sales team that promotes its products effectively and ensures clients' satisfaction.
FSC has ongoing business with more than 3500 construction & design companies, some of which are prominent names in the industry, and more than ten resellers in the Gulf region.

Tel:+971 6 5749799

Fax:+971 6 5749798

Mobile: +971 52 9072899

P.O Box: 70173

Crystal Plaza Towers –Albuhaira Cornich ,SHJ,UAE